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  • Paul Skiba

    Paul Skiba

    Former risk manager for investment funds and now number-cruncher in corporate asset and FX management

  • Robonetica


    AI and Robotics educational platform. Dedicated to inspiring the new generation of coders, engineers and designers.

  • Joerg Rheinboldt

    Joerg Rheinboldt

    serial starter, APX.ac Axel Springer Porsche MD, Bahlsen Board, betterplace.org co-founder, Berliner Stadtmission, tech enthusiast. joerg.campsite.bio

  • MIT Technology Review

    MIT Technology Review

    Reporting on important technologies and innovators since 1899

  • APX


    Europe’s leading very-early-stage VC. Based in Berlin and backed by Axel Springer and Porsche, we support the most ambitious pre-seed startups. APX.vc.

  • Neue Narrative

    Neue Narrative

    Das Magazin für neues Arbeiten

  • Stefan Muderack

    Stefan Muderack

    Chief of the SoundDetective #SoundDetective #DigitalServices // Opinions are my own

  • Christoph Bornschein

    Christoph Bornschein

    working for TLGG, nerdish in a way

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